About us


EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office is staffed with intellectual property specialists to provide differentiated services that will take your intellectual property values to a higher level.

“A truly international office that serves the world”

EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office is dedicated to protecting ideas and innovations that are or will be useful to the world, creating valuable intellectual property rights and providing high-quality intellectual property services.

Founded in 1999, EZ quickly became one of the most prominent patent and trademark law firms in Korea. The firm’s strong presence in the intellectual property sector comes from its technology-oriented services, IP consulting that is valuable to the market, strong human networks in the Korean IP field and tailored IP services engineered with the proprietary EZ IP Café system.

EZ’s practice covers a wide spectrum of intellectual property laws, including prosecution of patents, licensing of patent rights, registration and protection of trademark rights, searching prior art, creating patent maps and handling judicial procedures in jurisdictions such as the KIPO and KIPTAB.

EZ International is particularly staffed with highly qualified intellectual property specialists, including patent attorneys, engineers, analysts, researchers and paralegals, and operates liaison offices in the U.S.

EZ IP Specialists: Creative, Professional and Global


EZ IP specialists understand that never-ending improvement is the key to staying competitive, approach every task with an open perspective, and strive for innovative solutions.


EZ IP professionals enhance their high-quality services by strengthening the knowledge and experience.


EZ IP professionals are globally minded, with global vision and global competitiveness.