Prosecution Services

EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office provides complete prosecution services, from drafting to filing an application, from requesting for examination to responding to the office action, from prior art search to validity evidence search, for patent, utility model, design and trademark. Our IP professionals are very experienced and seasoned in overcoming the office action, and EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office has been rated in top ranks for the last several years in successful registration.

Judicial Procedures

EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office has a strong presence in the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the Intellectual Property Tribunal, the Patent Court and the Supreme Court. We have been aggressively protecting our clients' intellectual property rights through petitioning objection, responding to objection, invalidity litigation, validity litigation and revocation trial, as well as overcoming the office action.

International Services

“We speak your language to reach the highest quality.”

EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office places its “international” capabilities at the core of its strength. Many key members of EZ are educated and have built their careers overseas. EZ’s International Department is staffed with experienced language specialists who have strong technical backgrounds. The liaison office in Los Angeles plays an important role to add effectiveness to international communication.

As one of the most effective outgoing firms in Korea, EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office handles a very large number of international filings for its domestic clients, pursuant to Paris Convention, PCT, Madrid and Hague Protocol. On the other hand, with its proven registration rates, EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office has been a successful gateway for national phase filing in Korea based on PCT application.

Over the years, EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office has built a close network of international partners throughout the globe, and has worked very closely with its overseas partners for successful resolution of infringement disputes and litigation, for developing effective international IP strategies and for mediating ideal IP right licensing deals.

Licensing Service

"Finding the best values through professional licensing services"

EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office operates a special team of licensing professionals who have built years of licensing experience in various technical fields and industries. The licensing team is dedicated to discover valuable patents from corporations, government agencies and academic institutions and to analyze, valuate and package the discovered patents to market to potential target customers. The licensing team maintains a strategic relationship with domestic and overseas agents for effective marketing and sales of the patent.

The licensing team forecasts the direction of the technology and the markets based upon the technical merit, scope, marketability and business feasibility of a patent, and valuates the patent reflecting this forecast. With the experience and know-how that have been accumulated over their years of involvement in the industry, EZ's licensing professionals package patents to meet the needs of the customer (i.e., the patent buyer or licensee).

Patent Map

"A patent analysis strategy is an important foundation for developing technology development strategies."

Patent map is a graphic rendition of an analysis of patent status for a technology or item belonging to a particular area. In the strategic patent management, which involves patent filing strategies, patent analysis strategies and patent management strategies, the patent map is one of the most effective tools for successful patent analysis strategies.

EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office is one of the most experienced organizations, if not the most experienced organization, that has provided some of the most sophisticated patent maps with unequalled details for corporate and government clients. With its own know-how, which has been built through the years of experience, EZ's IP specialists conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses to find, for example, the trends in technology, markets, policies and standardization, the patent portfolios of leading and/or competing companies, and the precedents of patent and/or trademark infringement.

[Examples of Utilizing Patent Map]

  • Understanding the current technology to predict the future of the technology and to develop strategies and theme for research and development
  • Understanding the technical and product trends of the competition, discovering a design-around and niche technology, and developing strategic approaches (e.g., cross licensing)
  • Preparing for patent dispute by analyzing the patent of other companies
  • Collecting ideas for technology development throughout business development and product development
  • Finding directions for joint R&D and/or licensing by analyzing the relationship of technologies
  • Developing exclusive technology through prior art search and analysis
  • Promoting technology development by presenting the direction of technology investment and development
  • Determining the theme of R&D and preventing redundant R&D